Director's Message

Welcome Message

Quality teaching and learning is what we do at Impact High School - Lugazi and each student is supported to achieve their personal best in all aspects of life. Classes and programs are structured to meet the needs of students and cater for a wide range of learners.
A team of experienced and dedicated teachers and school administrative staff support students to develop their skills as learners and encourage participation in school programs that will enhance their academic and social success.
Students are encouraged to be involved in sports, creative and performing arts, leadership, environmental issues, debating and public speaking and community service programs. The purpose of this is to help students discover and develop their unique talents.
Students, teachers, parents, caregivers and community members work together to create a positive learning environment that prepares students to be contributing members of our society.
Impact high school is an out standing example of the power of comprehensive education with excellent outcomes in all facets of school life.
If you want your child to succeed academically, learn real life skills that will enable them to be independent and be competitive in the real world, then Impact High School - Lugazi is the right school for your child.

We want to create future leaders in business, technology and entrepreneurship. We do not want to create job seekers but instead we want to create innovative members of the society that will create jobs and solve the challenges our world is currently facing like climate change, poverty and unemployment. To achieve this we created a creative learning Centre at school that exposes all our learners to practical skills like business planning, team work, fundraising, current technology and science. The school will have an annual innovation fair through which inventions and innovations of students will be showcased and the winning teams will be rewarded. The aim of this will be to foster innovation and motivate our students to think outside the box.
Therefore, if you believe that we can change the future of our world through education, then join us on this adventure and together, we shall create positive change and change the world.

Thank you so much

Sanga Moses,