More of Our Facilities


We have a fully stocked library for both O and A level students


We have a state of the art Science laboratory for both O and A levels

Computer Lab

We have a state-of-the-art computer lab where every student will have a chance to use a personal computer at school.

The Innovation Centre

To encourage innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity among our students, we created an Innovation Centre at school. Here students can carry out their innovations and learn to think outside the box. We hope this will enable our students to acquire skills that are not included in the traditional curriculum. This will help our students to develop real life skills that will enable them to be problem solvers and job creators.


At Impact High, we provide a vibrant performing arts program, especially related to Drama and Theatre.

  • All students at Impact High are able to benefit from being involved in curricular and co-curricular performance activities because of the resulting sense of achievement, camaraderie and boost to self-confidence. The time-management, interpersonal and interpersonal skills developed during drama-related activities are essential for the development of our high achieving students.
  • Drama at Impact High is present in co-curricular activities such as House chorals, House Drama and Theatre sports competitions and in the combined schools' productions.
  • Students also have the opportunity to pursue leadership roles in Drama and stage crew management. The Drama Captains promote, participants in and host many of the aforementioned activities, work closely with stage Crew, Production teams and Administration staff and teachers have the opportunity to make decisions about the future direction.

Debating and Public Speaking

We encourage all students to get involved with debating and public speaking. This is important because it helps in expanding ideas and perceptions, developing confidence, critical analysis, logic, competitive spirit, teamwork, leadership skills and surpassing perceived benchmarks on all levels.